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Glass Putter Resources

Read the story behind the glass putter and visit the Glass Putter Home Page. Use it on the golf course and your putting can become as smooth as glass. The glass putter comes in both mallet and blade styles, with choice of glass color and length.

Information and FAQ's on the glass putter.

Wholesale Golf Clubs

Professional Associations

British Golf Collectors Society

The British Golf Collectors Society was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting interest in the history and traditions of golf, and collecting items associated with that history i.e. collectable golf clubs. Current membership is around 600 based in all regions of Great Britain and abroad, particularly Continental Europe and the United States.

  • Collecting Interests are many and varied but members share a common interest in the history and traditions of the game
  • Activities centre round a full programmed of matches and competitions at some of the most historic clubs in the country
  • The Society Magazine, Through The Green, contains original contributions by members on subjects of their interest and expertise, historic reprints, correspondence and etc
  • Book Reviews
  • Membership is by introduction or recommendation
  • Other Links include the major administrative bodies in golf, auction houses, publishers and museums

Connecticut State Golf Association

The Connecticut State Golf Association provides information to golfers everywhere concerning Connecticut Golf. The ability to apply for tournaments online; Tournament schedules (current and upcoming); Information on our member clubs; Tournament pairings and results; Links to CSGA partners and other golf sites; Constantly updated and maintained directly through the CSGA office. Use your new golf putter on one of Connecticut's famous golf course.

Connecticut Women's Golf Association

The Connecticut Women's Golf Association is a voluntary non-profit organization founded in 1919. The purpose of the CWGA is to provide competitive golfing opportunities for its members, to promote understanding of the rules of golf and to encourage female junior golfers statewide. CWGA now comprises 62 member clubs with a membership of over 650 women. Club membership in this Association is limited to private golf clubs in the State of Connecticut. Information is available on what golf putter to use, where to get wholesale golf clubs and what is the latest corporate golf gifts.

Executive Women's Golf Association

The Executive Women's Golf Association promotes women's golf and has information on golf putters and executive golf gifts for women.

Ladies Professional Golf Association

The Ladies Professional Golf Association is the longest-running women's sports association in the world, having celebrated its 50th anniversary in the year 2000. The organization has grown from its roots as a playing tour into a non-profit organization involved in every facet of golf including the marketing of products like collectable golf clubs and golf putters. The LPGA Tour and the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional (T&CP) Division comprise the backbone of what has become the premier women's sports organization in the world today. The LPGA maintains a strong focus on charity through: its tournaments; its grassroots junior and women's programs; its affiliation with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; and the formation of The LPGA Foundation. The LPGA is under the guidance of Commissioner Ty Votaw and is headquartered in Daytona Beach, FL.

Golf Collectors Society

The Golf Collectors Society is an international organization dedicated to preserving the treasures like collectable golf clubs and traditions of the game of golf. Founded in 1970 by Robert Kuntz and Joseph S.F. Murdoch, the organization today has over 2300 members from 18 different countries. The philosophy of the Society was and has always remained "a not for profit fraternal organization that encourages members to visit, share information, and to establish friendships based on a common interest, the love of golf."

National Golf Foundation

Golfers need to bookmark the National Golf Foundation to stay up to date on everything golf including that new golf putter and collectable golf clubs.

United States Golf Association

The foundation of the United States Golf Association on Dec. 22, 1894 marked the formal organization of American golf, establishing a centralized body to write the Rules, conduct national championships, and establish a national system of handicapping. The USGA also plays a prominent role as the game's historian in the United States, collecting, displaying and preserving artifacts and memorabilia like collectable golf clubs and historical golf putters at its Museum and Archives in Far Hills, N.J.

The is the official web site of the PGA of America. Look for all golf information including the leading golf putters on tour and what are the latest executive golf gifts.

The American Singles Golf Association

The American Single Golf Association provides a steady stream of single people to meet and enjoy golf, socialize and discuss issues like golf putters and corporate golf gifts.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews holds a unique position in the world game. Established in 1754 as a small private society it has evolved through two and a half centuries as a leading authority in the world game.

Today the club has four distinct areas of responsibility, the administration of the Rules of Golf, in conjunction with the United States Golf Association, the running of the Open Championship and other key events, the encouragement and development of the game in existing and emerging golfing nations, and the operation of a private club with almost 2400 members.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is rich in golf history and the home of some spectacular collectable golf clubs and many a famous golf putter.

Golf Schools

James Andrews School of Golf offers 2 to 5 day golf schools for every standard of golfer, beginners to advanced with 8 PGA qualified professionals and a state of the art video swing analysis suite.

News & Information

Golf Club

Golf Club Review.comis the Internet's most popular source of golf equipment reviews (golf putters and wholesales golf equipment) and club fitting information.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest is the leading magazine for golfers of all levels. Looking for a new golf putter, discount golf equipment, wholesale golf clubs or just the latest in corporate golf gifts? Golf Digest has information on golf equipment, articles on courses and what is going on with the professionals.

Golf Equipment Shopping Guide

The Golf Equipment Shopping Guide is your quick and easy way to find info on discount golf clubs and wholesale golf equipment. It is also the fastest way to find out who has the best deals on golfing gear including golf clubs, balls, bags, shoes, golf putters and other equipment.

Golf for Women

Golf for Women covers golf from a woman's prospective, articles on the LPGA, course ratings and information on how to pick a golf putter, purchase executive golf gifts and where to go for wholesale golf clubs.

Golf Gear Review

Golf Gear Review is a great resource site for everything form discount golf clubs, wholesale golf clubs and golf putters.

Golf Guys Clubhouse

Golf Guys Clubhouse is home to the cypress golf newsletter and is full of golf information including articles and product reviews. See the latest reviews of golf putters, corporate golf gifts and find out where to get wholesale golf components.

Golf Handicap Information Network

Welcome to the Golf Handicap and Information Network Homepage. Please browse through this website to find useful information about GHIN and the associations that subscribe to this handicap service. There are currently 60 associations, 9700 clubs and 1.9 million golfers throughout the United States that make up the GHIN service, which makes it the largest handicap service provider in the world. This site is a must bookmark whether you are a playing golf for the corporate golf gifts or and avid player with the best golf putter.

Golf Help

Golf Help is the # 1 golf search engine. This is the site to go to for information on golf putters, unique golf gifts, corporate golf gifts, or if you are looking for wholesale golf clubs and golf club parts wholesale.

Golf Web

Looking for discount golf clubs or corporate golf gifts? Golf is a great resource for everything golf including statistics, courses and wholesale golf supplies.

Golf Week

Looking for a new golf putter, discount golf clubs, corporate golf gifts or just browsing for the latest in golf, turn to Golf Week to keep up to date on your game.

Links Magazine

Links Magazine is your online resource for the latest in golf. Look for articles on golf putters, discount golf clubs, corporate golf gifts and much more.

Old Course

This site is dedicated to the history of golf equipment like putters Golf can be a game of intense concentration or lighthearted fun. Whichever way it is played there has always been an incredible bond between a golfer and his or her clubs. Today's wholesale golf clubs are tomorrows unique golf gifts Part of this affection may be a result of the search for the perfect implement complicated by the difficulties of mastering the game. Or it may stem from the singular, hand made quality that older collectable golf clubs possess.

The aesthetic combination of old wood, mild English steel and leather found in wood shafted collectable golf clubs make them intriguing items to collect and appreciate. Within them is stored the history of the game whose championship contests have been staged for over 135 years.

Old collectable golf clubs are the primary focus, but from time to time other pieces of golf equipment will be presented. Golf club collectors, golf historians and all golfers in general should find items here to interest them every month. The articles will be updated approximately every two months.

The Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is available throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia through cable, satellite and wireless television providers. The programming schedule includes more live golf coverage than all other networks combined and brings an extensive blend of PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA, Nationwide Tour, USGA, PGA of America, European Tour, Canadian Tour and PGA Tour Australasia competition; instruction with world renowned teaching professionals; Golf Central, a CableAce award-winning nightly golf news show; Golf Talk Live, a show featuring today's and yesterday's golf hero's and personalities, such as Arnold Palmer; Viewer's Forum, a live weekly call-in show featuring viewers' feedback on current golf happenings; celebrity interviews; and video tours of the world's great courses and specials.

Ask questions about your new golf putter, corporate golf gifts and where to find wholesale golf components.

The Golfers Newsletter

Learning golf, or just looking for corporate golf gifts, the golfers newsletter can help you find the golf putter of your dreams or just keep you up to date on the game.


Want to put your golf putter to work internationally? World is a great resource site to find information on a global scale.

Corporate Golf Gifts

Golf gifts from the Corporate Gifts Co

The Corporate Gifts Co offers you the best Golf Gift on the web, ranging from Clothes to Awards, we have a little something for everyone at the corporate golf days.

Chambers and Business Associations

Branford Chamber of Commerce

Corporate Resource Alliance

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Milford Chamber of Commerce

Monmouth Ocean Development Council

Other Resources

Access Floors

Career Guidance

Commercial Debt Collection

Digital Pictures

Digital Printing

Dr. Seuss Books

Fiber Optic Connectors

Internet Marketing

Italian Charm Bracelets

Personal Life Coach

Plastic Bags

Server Consolidation

Online Birthday Greetings for Her

Wholesale Golf Putters

Please contact us for information regarding the wholesale purchase of our glass golf putters by clicking the link below:

Wholesale Glass Golf Putters

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